Convent of Santa Ana

santaanaThe convent was erected on the site of a former mosque (first half of the 16th century). It was built in 1594 for Franciscan Conceptionists, although the building of the church dates back to 1630. It has three naves and, being the middle one very wide, it is believe that the aisles are access corridors. It has a transept covered by a plasterwork dome sustained by red jasper Tuscan order styled columns and semicircular arches that separate the three spaces. The main altarpiece is chaire by the polychromatic sculpture of a Baroque Immaculate Conception, made by Pedro Roldán, and accompanied with other sculptural images. In the transept nave there is a reredos dedicated to Saint Joseph made by Gaspar Lorenzo de los Cobos. The decor is topped with other minor altarpieces distributed on the sides.

Address: Santa Ana Street.


Worship hours:

Mondays to Saturdays at 8:30 am.
Sundays and public holidays at 11am.

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