Lagar Saavedra

This wine press was expropriated to the Church and to the town of Montilla during the disentailment process carried out by Mendizábal between 1835 and 1837. It then became property of Angel Saavedra Ramirez de Baquedano (Duque de Rivas), writer and Spanish politician born in Cordoba in 1791 and person after whom the lagar was named.

Lagar Saavedra has been owned by different private holders and families until the end of the 1940's when the wine press was acquired by the family that owns the lagar today (familia Maillo), and members of the Jimenez Castellano family. The current owner, since he bought the whole property in the late 1980's, is Feliciano Maillo Avila.

It was at this stage when Lagar Saavedra would start producing its own wines under the name "Bodegas Maillo e Hijos, S.L.". Thus, it can be stated that the wine press is at least a century and a half old.

Major brands: El Fresco, Los Tres Cerros and Solera Fina Saavedra.

Opening and guided tours times: 

  • It open daily. Visits need to be booked in advance.

*The tour includes wine tasting and appetizers.

Languages: Spanish

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3rd km, Vereda del Cerro Macho Road.

Telephone number: +34 655 250 006 / +34 957 655 527 / +34 610 756 879 

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